We started breeding Registered KuneKune Pigs

KuneKune Pigs are a rare, heritage breed of grazing pigs that are extremely unique in their temperament, friendliness, size and characteristics. KuneKune serve many purposes from pets, breeding stock to sustainable agriculture. (Www.grit.com)

March of 2022 arrived to the farm Pepa and her half sister Petunia. They have lots of personality and fun. Arnold arrived late winter of this year 2023 and we also have barrow buddy for him.

Petunia is on the left , Pepa is on the right
Petunia eating a pumpkin
Meet Arnold he is our Boar
Arnold meeting the girls! and he has a barrow buddy George
Born August of 2023 . Petunia and Arnold’s piglets
So adorable !
Pepa talking to me after I got home from work !