Dorper / Katahdin Sheep

We raise Dorper/Katahdin sheep which are hair sheep breeds. They normally don’t need to be sheered because they shed. There meat is less “gamey” tasting since they don’t have the lanolin gland. Our lamb has a very mild flavor. We have lambs twice a year with half of our ewe’s having them in the spring and the other half in the fall. This way have lamb all year round on the farm. We currently have all cuts of lamb which are processed by a USDA processor and are available for purchase at the farm, or at the several farmers markets we attend; Canandaigua & Sodus. Our sheep are raised in a non-stressful environment, grazing in pastures and on lots of hay. We use an alternating pasture method of grazing which keeps our sheep healthy and happy. In 2019 we put in perimeter fencing to keep our animals safe while out grazing. Our sheep feed are all Non-GMO grain and minerals in addition to pasture grazing and lots of hay in order to balance out their nutritional needs . The pictures are of lambs born on our farm in the past two years and the ones we currently have on the farm . we have been raising sheep since 2016.