Our Story

Edler Acres is a small family farm of 20 acres in Ontario, NY. Jerry and I (Ellen) have been married over 34 years and have 3 daughters and 2 grandsons. When we bought this house in 2013, the intention was to bring our 2 horses to the pastures and be able to care for them everyday since we have been boarding them at other farms for many years. One of our daughters used to compete and show the horses when she was a teenager and now they are just big pets. I promised the horses that someday we would buy a farm and I would sit and read to them while they grazed around me in the pasture. Jerry says “it all started with a horse”.

As the years have gone on, we have added chickens, Nigerian dwarf goats, Boer and Kiko goats, Dorper/Katahdin sheep along with Bella who is a Great Pyrenees, livestock guardian dog. Today we have 24 doe’s, 3 buck’s and 2 whether goats which are our breeding stock, 21 ewes, 2 rams and a whether sheep, along with 75 chickens. Last year we put up two hoop houses to grow and sell our cut flowers and vegetables along with a small farm stand. Early 2021 we obtained our nursery license and will be selling potted bulbs and plants in the future. We are also approved for home processing of gluten baked goods and jams. We hope some day to be able to retire from our jobs as essential workers and work full time on the farm.

When Ellen was a child she would go onto visit her grandparents in Queens, NY and help her grandfather in his green house and store. The florist was started by her great-grandmother, grandfather and granduncle, They continued to run it after she passed away. She has very fond memories of working along side him and occasionally design a bouquet for him to sell. This is a picture of her grandfather, granduncle and some friends from 1928 when bouquets of flowers were $0.50.