Lamb Prices


All lamb has been processed by a USDA food processor, weighed, and vacuumed packed.  All Lambs are grass and pasture fed along with a small amount of daily GMO free feed and fed once a day.   No antibiotics or hormones used and we follow organic practices. 

Rib Chops $19 lb

Loin chops                              $17 lb

Leg of lamb steak                    $16 lb

Leg of Lamb $16 lb

Shoulder chops                       $10 lb

Ground Lamb                          $10 lb

Stew Lamb                              $10 lb

Mild Sausage links $10.00 lb

Kidney/ heart                           $ 5 a piece

Liver                                        $ 5 a piece

Bones                                       $5 a bag